No-Till-Drill Flat Rate Cost Share Program

About the Program:

When implemented correctly, using no-till equipment can improve soil health.

Maintaining diversity of live plants within the soil is key to development of soil 

structure and ultimately soil health. Keeping a live root in the ground provides habitat for microbes to flourish. This is where a no-till drill comes in handy. Often producers want 

to add legumes or other species to their pasture or hay lands. Rather than tilling the soil, which destroys the structures that plant roots and microbes have developed, these species can be introduced with a no-till drill.

Cost Share Program Requirements:


1. Applicants already incorporating no-till practice in their operation are NOT eligible.

2. Acres on which financial assistance was previously given are NOT eligible

3. Any No-Till drill may be used following SWCD staff approval.

4. Planting site must be partially or fully within the boundaries of a *Priority Zone. 

(See Below)

5. No-till planting or aeration sites must have existing cover. Tilled sites are NOT eligible.

Program Guidelines

Complete program guidelines and implementation details can be obtained by contacting Clearwater SWCD. (218) 694-6845

Cost share is limited to 80 acres per applicant per year.

*Select areas or "Priority Zones" within the Clearwater, Upper Mississippi, and Wild Rice watersheds are eligible for cost sharing on equipment rental if program requirements are met. Priority Zone Maps are available for reference in the Clearwater SWCD office.


Priority Zones

Primary Zone

Primary Zone is composed of land within

a 300-foot distance of public waters and 

wetlands identified by the SWCD.

Secondary Zone

Secondary Zone is composed of land 

within a 1/4 mile distance of waters and 

wetlands identified by the SWCD and on 

acres indicated as Highly Erodible.

Also available for rental - RanchWorx Aerator

Flat rate equipment rental costs:

The Aerator is available to rent for $10 per acre with a minimum charge of $100.

The No-till Drill is available to rent for $14 per acre with a minimum charge of $140.

Clearwater County landowners will get preference in scheduling.

Operational Assistance:

Clearwater SWCD staff provides hands on guidance in regard to the proper use of all of our soil health rental equipment. 

We will deliver and pick up the drill, help with calibration, and help with any operational questions that might arise. 

In the same way we also provide delivery/pick up of the aerator and assistance with the how-to basics of operation.